Web and Server Security

Security Assessment and Pentesting

Every service you provide to the public, may it be a website, server or an email account, is a potential target for people who want to abuse your property or simply damage it.

The consequences of a successful attack can be:

  •  Loss of your website data
  • Distribution of spam through your site
  • Attacks against other websites through your site
  • Distribution of viruses through your site

The first case (loss of data), even though this just might be a minor problem, you still have to worry about it! The consequences of an attacker abusing your website can be much more serious. It starts with your domain/server being listed on spam filter lists (which means mails from your domain will be rejected on many servers) and it ends with you finding yourself in a courtroom because you, as site owner, are held responsible for damage done through your insecure website to 3rd parties.

Website and Server Security Services

Website Analysis

Is your site secure? We help you to find and fix security flaws, and we also offer safe hosting that protects your site from attacks like SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, Remote File Inclusions, and much more!

Website Recovery

If it’s already too late and your website was compromised we help you restoring it. We clean your files from malicious alterations made by the attacker and help you to fix the security flaws that caused the successful attack.

Incident Response

Is your website or server under attack? We will fight off the attacker for you.

Incident Analysis

If your website of server was compromised we help you to track the attacker and secure evidence so you can press legal charges. Of course we also offer permanent monitoring of attack attempts and provide detailed statistics.

Server Management

No matter if it’s a one-time analysis of your server or permanent security management.

Company Pentesting

Is your IT infrastructure secure and well configured? Are your employees aware of security risks? We do official training and also undercover pentesting!

 How Can We Help You?

Our security experts know all the techniques used by attackers, so we are able to test your websites and servers for security flaws and vulnerabilities. After analyzing your website/server/emails, we provide you a detailed assessment and in close collaboration with you, we will find ways to make your site/server/emails secure.

In case you don’t have an own server and your website runs on rented web space but the security flaws exist on hosting level we can also provide you a safe place on our servers…our hosting deals are reasonably priced (even cheaper than most low security competitors you will be pleasantly surprised, and our servers have an outstanding security level.

Even before a successful attack we can help you, we are on your side! “When it’s already too late”, and your site/server has been compromised already, we can help you with finding the way the attacker got access; fix those security flaws and clean files altered by the attacker. If possible we can also help you with identifying the attacker so you can press charges against him.

Cooperation of the server provider might be needed, and a lawyer will have to be involved to retrieve the user data from the attacker’s internet service provider (ISP).

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call the professionals NOW!!!