Online Reputation

Ever googled yourself? Admit it, we all have!

With the internet the world became a small village, especially since fast connections without bandwidth limitations are the defacto standard.

Like in every small village rumors spread fast, it might be a neighbor, an ex-partner, a business competitor, or even a complete stranger that is simply bored and picked you as a random victim. Anyone can be the victim of online defamation.

 Googled yourself? Don’t like what you see?

Your online reputation is important. Applied for a good job, met a new potential partner? There is a  99% chance your name will be googled.

But what to do when bad results show up?

Let us handle it.

We know, there are plenty of “online reputation management” services out there. But what do they offer? “In some months or maybe years we will maybe be able to push the bad results down some pages”? That’s it? Not with us.

Recurring payments every month? “For months or maybe years”? Not with us.

What we offer.

  • We contact the site owners where the bad content is displayed for you and request the removal. If they don’t cooperate we will send cease & desist letters for you. If they still don’t cooperate: We have other ways, we are able to cause a lot of pressure.
  • We clean Google for you. Even if the bad content has been taken off a website the results still show up in Google search engine results, also the actual content can be still available for weeks or even months in the google cache.
  • We make your Google results bulletproof. If you fear new bad results might show up soon we will create positive results about you and occupy the first search result pages that way. How many pages you want to occupy? The first page? Or the first 10 pages? That’s up to you.
  • In rare cases it’s simply not possible to get rid of bad entries. In that case we can also still occupy the first result pages on Google with positive content and push the bad results down. Not 1 page, not 2 pages, our goal is usually at least 10 pages!!
  • Counterstrikes. Usually not a smart way to handle problems, but sadly sometimes the only option left. What to do depends on the case, and we of course don’t give out any information about our strategies to the public because of the sensitive nature.

The pricing depends on each case. We will analyze the problem together with you and work out a strategy. There will be no recurring fees. We will set milestones for each project ( “all bad results gone from page 1-3”) and we are payed for that with a share of the full amount, (if there are 5 milestones each time 1/5 of the full amount for example, 1/5 is payed in advance to start the project).

To find out more about our online reputation program please use our contact form