Mobile App Development

Our Mobile App and Mobile Web Development team focuses on implementation of Mobile Business and Communication Software. We focus on building customized Mobile Software Solutions for your company. Using cross platform frameworks such as Corona SDK, Actionscript 3.0 using Adobe Air, and the Kivy Python Framework Rusty Tub builds professional mobile software tailored to your companies needs.

Mobile Business Software

Most applications on any Mobile Device have some form of communication via the internet. Rusty Tub uses this concept of a connected planet and implements technologies based on this idea.

Connect your applications to your web site using the concept of a connected planet. Contact Rusty Tub today.

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Through 2017 Google has a lot more changes in store and there is nothing bigger that can affect your online business than not being prepared. As reported by security companies at the end of last year Google has been forcing the top 100 sites to use HTTPS from HTTP. This has almost been achieved and it could start targeting smaller sites very soon.

HTTPS can be achieved by purchasing a SSL certificate and having it set up. Once this has been done URL redirects will need to be put in place to ensure there are no problems with your online SEO and your website dropping out of the rankings.

If you would like to know more please feel free to drop us a message.

The Rusty Tub Team

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