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Search Engine Optimization

Want To Be a Leading Player on Google?

Internet marketing plays a big role in how your business places itself within the rankings  with good Search Engine Optimization. Research shows Google to still hold the majority of the share of search engine trends with an average 64% of users from around the world opting to use the leading search engine. Microsoft’s Bing search engine holds the second place and closely behind them is Yahoo.

Another trend to look at which other internet marketing companies forget to look at is the different range of web browsers which are used when consumers look for products or when the public require information. This information provides us with statistics not only for general PC use but for also mobile web development too as the majority of the general consensus have and operate a web based mobile phone or a tablet application provider like Apple’s IPad or the Samsung’s Galaxy.

We feel that it is also essential to point out that the web development should be based around the internet marketing rather than trying to set up internet marketing around the website as there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Only Google, Bing and Yahoo themselves know the algorithms that are used to make their search engines function and these are liable to change at any time. There are a lot of factors to be considered when creating an internet marketing strategy, not just a pretty website but the use of correct structure, domain name, page titles, keyword density, internal and external linking, social media marketing to mention just a few.

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