Domain Name Registration

Domain Services

RustyTub is a certified domain reseller, so we can offer domain services of any kind!
With RustyTub you can:

  • Register new domains
  • Transfer domains
  • Create unlimited DNS entries
  • Register domains with privacy protection

Domain Registration Features

Private Registration

For our customers we provide a “private domain” feature. What does this mean? When you register a domain you usually have to do it by providing all your personal data like name, full address and phone number, this data can be viewed by anyone! With our “private domain” registration you can register your domain with RustyTub as domain holder, of course you can also register it with your company as holder. This way your private data can not be viewed by anyone!
The “private domain” feature is only available as a bundle with website development and/or hosting deal.

Auto Renewal

Forgot to renew your domain, now your website can’t be reached and you have to deal with the extra charges for renewing a timed out registration? Not with us. We offer an “auto renewal” feature, so your domain registration only times out when you really want it to.

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