Dedicated Servers

Your Professionally Managed Dedicated Server

Managed servers are THE solution when you need more resources than your regular webspace can provide or when you need specific features that require access to functions which are restricted on webspace.

With a managed server you have full control, but without the hassle of becoming a Linux guru, because WE do the work for you!

This service is not only available as a bundle or if you have a server system through us, but also if you have a server running already, we can help you to analyze the status, secure it, and even to stop ongoing attacks. Please contact us for our custom security services.

Servers for Small Businesses and Individuals

Are you a small business that needs a dedicated server or server space or an individual that needs something unique? Along with our Server Administration we can set up the perfect requirements for your needs.

We customize your server install exactly for your needs, no matter if you are a gaming enthusiast that wants to enjoy his evening by playing games with colleagues and friends online in a safe environment, or if you are a businessman that needs the best protection for his online shop and the customer data: We make it happen!

The possibilities are almost endless, if it’s an IRC service to chat with friends or hold secure conferences with business partners, mailing lists to keep your customers up to date with your latest offers, or a secure file storage you can access from anywhere in the world: It is your server and we as experts will make it work for you!

Contact us and together we will work out the best solution for your needs at a convenient price.

Features and Benefits

Full Resources

No more restrictions like on web space and shared hosting, the server resources are all yours! When your website becomes successful with lots of visits and a big database the shared resources on web space are often not enough anymore, this can slow down your site drastically.

Full Bandwidth

You are running a website/service with lots of traffic? No problem, all our premium servers come with unlimited bandwidth, so there are “no surprises” in form of extra charges for exceeding bandwidth at the end of the month.

Professional ‘Green’ Housing

Our servers are located in the brand new datadock data center in Straßburg, which is not only leading in technology and security standards, it is also using the most environmental friendly features that save 66% of the power used in regular datacenters!

High Security Standards

All servers are managed by professionals, for our admins it’s not just a job, because all of them are highly active in the IT-scene with their own websites and projects even in their spare time. So they know “what’s going on” and are well informed about the latest security threats and the solutions to protect you against them.