About Us

Rusty Tub is a group of highly qualified professionals from around the world. Our team of IT Specialists are at the top of the field in their given subjects and we promise to deliver exactly what you need.

Why Choose RustyTub IT Solutions?

Our team of professionals are also involved in many other projects and by working with us you will be helping us provide other services online and offline. While we are busy working on client projects our team is heavily involved in other areas by providing services and products to help children around the world.


We have our own linux based operating system for children which is free to download and use and has been developed to give parents the extra knowledge that their children are safe to surf and play games without the risk of seeing content which could be damaging to them.

The project kidify is available from the following link on sourceforge.

Schools in Bali.

Another one of our team has been active in South East Asia for the last 4 years where he has been in Bali  for one year,teaching children for free in the subjects of English and Computer Studies, In Thailand where there was an English Language program set up in a hospital for free and also teaching farmers about organic farming, and in Cambodia helping with a free school for children and other community projects

In a country where education is poor and only the rich can afford education we feel it is important to help where we can and try to give these children a better chance of having a brighter future.

To help us continue with this it is important to us that we continue to provide a very high standard of work to our clients.

Most of our work comes from word of mouth and one of our motto’s is ‘we would rather have 100 happy clients that we can give our attention to rather than 10,000 clients that we only refer to as just numbers in our system’.

Letting us do your work for you also means we can continue doing our work for others!